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What Is GoodLife Community Partnership?


GoodLife is a local, faith-based neighborhood partnership formed by Gethsemane Lutheran Church and others in our community to "make life better" for our local community including, but not limited to, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Shelby Township, Troy and Sterling Heights.

Generous donations and grants from the businesses, groups, churches and individuals in our community enable us to reach out in a special, unique way, to "make life better" in our community.

What We Do


GoodlLife seeks practial ways to help, impact and transform our community for better living. We do this by partnering with individuals, families, businesses, schools, churches and non-profits to encourage, support and promote better living in our community.


* We SERVE the growing senior population in our area at American House-Elmwood, AH-Village, Freedom Place, Sanctuary Bellbrook and other senior centers in Rochester Hills.

* We LEAD "Conversations Cafe" to build relationship at various locations.

* We ASSIST those with special needs--and those, like neighborhood Picasso Salon owner, Richard--who provide food for those unable to provide for themselves due to health, etc.

* We RESPOND to individual and community needs. Recently GoodLife raised $3000 for hurricane relief and $500 for a child with Retts Syndrome. 

GoodLife Is Growing!


Since it's beginning in 2014, GoodLife is expanding our partnership network with nearly 20 businesses in our community.


As GoodLife's partnership network grows, our outreach into the community will continue to expand. We praise God for our partners, the opportunities and the MANY successes we've already enjoyed. And it's only just begun. It's fun, exciting and EFFECTIVE ways to connect neighbors with neighbors--and build our communities!

GoodLife's Leadership Team

Pastor Tom Fischer, longtime resident of Rochester Hills, began GoodLife in 2014 with a handful of local leaders and community members. GoodLife is served by a visionary leadership team of grass roots members. Their passion is "make life better" in our community by working for families, individuals, youth, seniors and other community-based entities.

Vision. Mission. Strategy. Passion.


To impact our greater Oakland/Macomb community by forging partnerships to improve the lives of those in our community. 



To be a blessing to individuals, businesses, churches and schools in our community by helping them "make life better" for others.



GoodLife will create, invite and nurture a variety of partnerships with churches, non-profits, schools, businesses, health organizations, and other agencies to address various personal, organizational, and community needs to improve life for those in our community. 



  • PARTNER with area businesses and organizations to "make life better"

  • ADDRESS and ASSIST others to help "make life better" in our communities. 

  • STRENGTHEN communities within our community

  • Develop A Network of Community Partners Passionate To "make life better" in our community.


How Can GoodLife Partner With

You To "Make Life Better" In
Your Community?


Contact us to see how we can
partner together to
"make life better" in our community!


Welcome To GoodLife!

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