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GoodLife Chaplaincy Care

At GoodLife, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive spiritual support and prayer, but also to be able to participate in worship.

Through our Chaplaincy services, we offer worship opportunities to residents in seven different facilities through the week.

All of the facilities we work with are supportive of this service, however they do not provide any funding.

So we rely heavily upon our supporters to provide this vital care to an important part of our community.

Get Involved!

Since all our projects are donor-funded, support from others is critical.

If you would like to volunteer, donate or partner with us, let us know. 

It's always a joy to have a new neighbor in the community partnering with us.

Info Re: GoodLife
Chaplaincy Services

If you would like additional information on GoodLife's Chaplaincy services for your community, business or facility, please call us.

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